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Die Grube / The Pit - a short movie from Nuremberg / Germany

“The Pit” (org. german title “Die Grube”) is an independent, low budget filmproject made by broadcasting- and mediafreelancers from Nuremberg / Germany. At the end of 2016 the first screenplay was written and in February 2016 the film finally came to life in Forchheim, a small town next to Nuremberg. The film was finished in June 2016 with a total length of 14 minutes and is currently being submitted to various filmfestivals. We are glad to present our work on this little website. Please enjoy!
Schöne Bunte Filme TV & Videoproduktion
“The Pit” / “Die Grube” was produced by:
Facebook Barcelona Planet Film Festival
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Special Jury Prize
Semi-Finalist Best Shortfilm
Best Foreign Shortfilm